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7th International Congress Morita Therapy was held in Australia ! (Mar.4-6,2010) NEW

The 7th International congress of Morita Therapy was held in the Sebel Albert Park Hotel in Melbourne,Australia in March, 2010. The chair of the congress was Dr. Peg LeVine (Monash University, Mebourne).
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Guidelines for Practising Outpatient Morita Therapy was published in 2009 ! (Nov,2009) NEW

These guideline were developed in 2009 by the following members of the Commitee on the Standardization of Outpatient Morita Therapy for the japanese Society for Morita Therapy.
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Neurosis is divided roughly into three categories, i.e., ordinary neurosis, obsessive-compulsive neurosis, and anxiety neurosis. Here are descriptions of these catagories and psychiatric explanations of the symptoms of neurosis.

Neurosis and its characteristic features

What types of persons are predisposed to neurosis? A fair knowledge of your personality characteristics will help you judge whether you are susceptible to neurosis or not.

Concerning Morita Therapy

What is the well-recognized psychotherapy called Morita Therapy? Extracts from the books written by Dr. Shoma Morita who founded Morita Therapy deal with the psychogenesis of neurosis, its substance, and the basic therapeutic principles.

Experiences of success with Morita Therapy

Here are success stories by patients with gastrointestinal neurosis, headache/insomnia, anthropophobia, ereuthophobia, anxiety neurosis, and others helped by Morita Therapy.

The society for Morita Therapy

This Society acts to promote scientific studies of Morita Therapy in psychiatry and to publish bulletins dealing with reports of studies on Morita Therapy, case studies, its activities, etc., in order to contribute to the spread of Morita Therapy and the studies related to it.

Current information

This is a spot for quickly providing the newest information on topics related to Morita Therapy. Timely information will be presented about upcoming television programs and public seminars.

Link pages for Morita Therapy

Here you can link to other home pages for information on Morita Therapy or the medical facilities which carry out Morita Therapy. Pages link to the Society for Morita Therapy and other medical facilities in the respective areas which form the core of medical study.

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What is The Mental Health Okamoto Memorial Foundation? Here is an introduction to the Foundation sponsoring and managing this home page. Its activities, its library, and information on seminars, overseas activities, and other topics are described.

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