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Laws of emotion

Because my view of psychotherapy for nervousness deals more with emotion, and less with logic or consciousness, I must add a little more explanation about emotion. Let's begin with the laws or facts about emotion.

The first law: if an emotion is left alone it will follow a course of rising, falling, and disappearing.

The second law: if the need underlying an emotion is satisfied, the feeling will quickly subside and disappear.

The third law: as one becomes accustomed to a feeling it becomes less intense and unnoticed.

So far I have described the conditions under which emotions may diminish or disappear. Now we turn to the conditions under which emotions are extended or strengthened.

The fourth law: The emotions will be strengthened when stimuli continue and attention is paid to them. Related to this law is the idea that some feelings get stronger after they surface.

The fifth law: an emotion is attained by a new experience; repeating the experience will develop the emotion more fully.

Shoma Morita.
The essence of nervousness and therapy.


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